About Bangkok 

More than twenty million visitors travel to the Thailand annually. About twenty million tourists travel to the Thailand from all over the world which is notable in relation to seventy-million population of this country. In particular, this statistics is growing with remarkable rate. This country is attracted by visitors because of its tropical climate, especially Iranian who lives in arid and semi-arid climate. The Thailand, officially known as Kingdom of Thailand and formerly as Siam, is located at south east of Asia, Indochina Peninsula. It is bordered to the north by Burma and Laos, to the east by Laos and Cambodia, to the south by the Malaysia and Gulf of Thailand, and to the west by the Andaman Sea and Burma. The countries official language is Thai and the religion Buddhism which is praised by around 95% of the population. The capital and the most populated city of Thailand is Bangkok.


Full name of Bangkok was registered in the Guinness Worlds’ Records as longest name of a place in the world. Bangkok is the former name of this city and it is changed to Krung Thep but still is called Bangkok by foreign visitors while Bangkok is name of one region in this city. This city is located at eastern side of the Chao Phraya River around Thailand Gulf. This city is national capital of Thailand. This traditional city, with the origin of Buddhist, looks so modern with its skyscrapers and Sukhomvit shopping center. It is so pleasant to walk between tramples and smell the scent of coconut. Playing with dragon colorful kite at nights around the Sanam Luang Sq. is a unique attraction of Thailand. There are many modern hotels, tramples, shrines, various shopping centers and buildings in Bangkok’s streets. In spite of its modernity, traditions exist. Monks with cape always try to collect alms. Still there are families living in wooden houses next to Chao Phraya. Most of the visitors start their trip from Rattanakosin. Then go to Grand Palace and Wat Po. Chao Phraya River separates the old parts of the city. A quite place with narrow canals and float markets which is called east Viennese. Modern part of Bangkok is located at east side of the canal. Trade and shopping centers, various bazaars, BTS, most of first class restaurants and hotels are located around Siam and Sulhumvit St. Please visit bazaar of Chatuchak which is organized at the end of each week. Most of natives and tourists go this bazaar for buying cheap souvenirs, clothes, home appliances and handicrafts. By spending a few hours in Bangkok, you will know that why Bangkok is the most visited city in the world.       

Bangkok is called City of Angles by its visitors from all over the world. This city is one of the biggest cities in the world and one of the liveliest capitals in Asia. There are skyscrapers, luxury Hotels, modern and developed shopping centers and also modern international airports with direct flights from the most Asian capitals, Australia, Canada, Europe and America in Bangkok every day. The city occupies 1500 sqm and has population of approximately 10 million. Bangkok is famous for its 400 Buddhist Tramples. Visiting all attractions of Bangkok isn’t possible in short time. Bangkok with Pkouket and Hua Hin is a place for relaxation of the families. Hua Hin is the oldest and the most traditional seaside resorts of Thailand which is located near Bangkok. Resort of Royal family is located there too.

Bangkok citizens are interested in eating. So there are many restaurants in it. The airports provide an opportunity to make the Bangkok a trade center for export and import to Thailand and Southeast Asia. Specific products of Bangkok are vehicle parts, home appliances and antiques. In the past, agricultural products were the main source of income, but now textile products, computer and electronic parts is added to it.

Tourism industry is considered as one of the main source of income for this city by increasing number of tourists. You can find cheap goods by finding the suitable places. One of them is Petunam bazaar which is located at downtown of Bangkok and is open from morning to evening. World trade shopping center, including a cinema, is located around Petunam.    

Office Hours:

Working days of the governmental offices are from Monday to Friday (8:30 to 16:30). Surly 13:00 is lunch time. Other jobs commonly are working from 8:00 to 17:00. Stores are open whole week from 8:00 to 19:00. Tourism centers are working from 8:30 to 16:00.

Medical Services:

In the case of any need to medical services, you can call 1699 or 1155 (tourism police). It should be mentioned that the operators of this systems can’t speak in English as well and dispatching the ambulance takes a lot of times. Generally, it is better to call Embassy or Consulate.


The 220-voltages electricity is used in most centers except some of very luxuries hotels and their outlets are flat plugs.


Never drink tap water even in great hotels. Bottle of water is given for drinking and brushing teeth in hotels. Also bottle of water is used in restaurants and ice is prepared from boiled water. To be ensured, please ask about quality of water.


Taxi fare starts from 35 Baht in Bangkok then 2 Baht is added for the first 2-km and after that 2 Baht is added for each kilometer. However it is so pleasant to seat in cool taxi in hot days of Bangkok, but it may spends one hour of your time in traffic. Yet, BTS can take you to the destination with lower fee and in a short time.


Thailand is often called as the land of smile because its people often smile. The people in Thailand greet each other generally with their hand pressed together against their chest which is called Wai. It is better to response to their Wai. As many cultures of Asia the Thais respect to their elders and it is the most important aspect of their culture. They indicate their respect to the elders by bowing in front of them and the elders play main roll in decision making or family ceremonies.


Thai food is combination of Chinese and Indian food because of its location between these countries. There is no exact time for meal. The food often is fried or cooked by steam. Some of common ingredients in Thai’s kitchen are garlic, red pepper, leaf of lemon, milk of coconut, tamarind, ginger, black pepper, mint, turmeric, lemon juice and fish sauce. The main dish of Thailand is rice especially white rice which is used in all meals. The people use noodle, curry, fish and shrimp in their food plentifully. Because of Thailand gulf and other rivers, Thais use the marine animals and plants.

Annual Ceremonies:

Many ceremonies and festivals are held in Bangkok during a year of which some of them are official holidays. Thais are interested in ceremonies and they use any opportunity to hold national ceremonies even charismas. The Thai New Year is celebrated three times: Christian New Year in January, Chinese New Year in February, and Thai New Year in April. Most of the ceremonies are held in cool season (from November to February).     

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