Conference Topics 

7th.International Conference on Researches in Science


1- Engineering Sciences

Mining Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Civil Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Urbanization Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Metallurgy Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

IT Engineering (Information Technology)

Environmental Engineering

Engineering of Natural Resources

Textile Engineering

Materials Engineering

Engineering of Executive Management

Engineering of Project Management


2- Sciences


Laboratory Sciences

Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences


Applied Chemistry






Food Industries


Renewable Energies

Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


3- Humanities




Clinical & General Psychology  

Politics & International Relations


Philosophy & Philosophy of Science

Islamic Teachings & Psychology

Sociology, Anthropology & Communications   

Educational Science


Social Sciences



English Language

Language Teaching



4- Specific Topics of Bangkok

Culture & Management in Bangkok

Bangkok Economics

Sustainable Development of Bangkok

Bangkok Architecture & Urbanization

Development of Innovation & Engineering Fields in Bangkok

Thai Official Language Teaching

Environment & Agriculture in Bangkok

Literature & Archeology in Thailand

Management of Risk & Disaster in Bangkok


4th.International Congress on Civil, Architecture and Urbanism in Asia


1- Civil Engineering & Sustainable Development:

Concrete Technology

Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering

Construction & Execution Management

Mine & Geothechnics

Hydraulics & Water Resources

Road & Transportation

Engineering of Deterioration in Construction Industry


Tunnel Engineering in Urban Areas

Surveying, Geodesy, Geomatics

Ethic, Challenges & Values in Civil Engineering

Safety, disaster Management and Non-executive Defense in Civil

New Technology in Constructional Materials and Industrialization of Construction

Computer & Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering

Application of Engineering Geology in Civil & Geophysics in Dams

GIS Systems with the emphasis on Its Application in Civil Engineering

Engineering Fundamentals & Principles for Deterioration, Management & Deterioration Supervising


2- Seismic Upgrading, Earthquake & Structural Engineering:

Water Resources Engineering, Marine & Hydraulics Structures

Underground Structures

Dynamics of Structures and Seismic Retrofitting

Value Engineering

Physical Coordination of Structure & Engineering

Urban Development & Utilizing New & Domestic Materials in Structures

Industrial & Non-constructional Structures

Upgrading System of Bridges, buildings and Critical Roads

Seismic Troubleshooting of Structures, Upgrading and Retrofitting Methods of Structures

Urban Structures Upgrading & Retrofitting

Safety of Structure in Underground Mines

Analysis & Innovation in Steel & Concrete Structures Design

Structures Retrofitting against Fire and depiction of Architectural Approaches

The Effect of Earthquake on Space Structures, Masonry Structures and Specific Structures


3.Architectural Engineering & Sustainable Development

Sustainable Architecture

The Roll of Architecture in Achievement to Sustainable Construction

Architecture & Urban Identity

Emerging Energies in Architecture

Aspects of Islamic & Traditional Architecture and Urbanization in the Region

Architectural Stylistic

New Technologies & Methods in Architecture

Patterns of Native Architecture

Urban Graphics & Street Architecture

The Effect of Native Materials on Sustainable Architecture

Concept of Contemporary Architecture & Urbanization

Sustainable Architecture & Intelligence Buildings

Architecture, Climate Change and Manner of Energy Consumption

Energy Planning in Architectural Design considering the Sustainable Architecture

Architecture of Landscape, Ecology & Aesthetics in Architecture


4- Engineering of Traffic, Transportation & Urban Infrastructures

Transportation & Sustainable Development

Urban Transportation & Critical Roads

Superstructure (Road, Railroad, Airport & Port)

Transportation Intelligence Systems

Urbanization & Transportation Planning

Urban Utilizations & Technical Buildings

Urban Water & Wastewater & Infrastructure

Transportation Systems & Stability of Transportation in Megacities

Passages Geometrical Design

Traffic Engineering Transportation Planning

Transportation Systems Management

Traffic Culture & Education

Transportation, Traffic & Risk Safety

Public Transportation, Transportation Economics

Unitary Management, Rules & Regulations in Traffic

Non-motorized Transportation


5- Urban Design, Management & Planning:

Urban Projects Management

Urban & Regional Planning

Urban Rights

Urban Management

Urban Physical Planning

Urban Design

Application of New Technologies in Urban Development

Participation in Urban Affairs

Disaster Management

Urban Travel

Urban Upgrading & Renewal

City Views

The Effect of New Technologies Construction in Urban Areas


6- Sustainable Urban Development & Urbanization Engineering:

Modern Urbanization & Sustainable Development

Damaged Area & Informal Settlements (Challenges & Solutions)

Natural Disasters & Its Effects on Cities Sustainable Development

Patterns & Indexes of Sustainable Urban Development

National & Regional Policies & Sustainable Urban Development

Geography & Rural & Urban Sustainable Development

Urban Instability & Effective Factors

Sustainable Urban Development Experiences in Iran & the World

Recognition of Obstacles, Limitations & Indexes of Sustainable Urban Development

Good Governance & Public Participation in Sustainable Urban Development

Application of New Technologies in Urban Development

Development of Tourism Industry for Urban Sustainable Development

New Cities & Urban Sustainable Development

7- Environment Engineering & Urban Environment:

Cities & Environment Management Systems

Management of Waste in Cities

Urbanization & Its Environmental Impacts

Urban Environment & Green Space

Issues of Megacities’ Environment 

Principles of Engineering & Control of Environment Pollutants in Cities

Environment Management & Urban Sustainable Development

Environmental Impacts of Urbanization & Constructional Projects in Cities

Evaluation of Environmental Impacts & Environment Engineering in Cities

Urban Transportation & Its Environmental Impacts & Solutions

Application of New Technologies in Controlling & Removing of Environmental Pollutants

Urban Ecology, Green City & Mechanisms of Clean Development

Urban Wastewater & Its Treatment

Urban Design, Environment & Landscape

Industrial Development & Reduction Solutions of Its Impacts

Influences and Analyzing Methods and Analysis of Environmental Impacts of Projects I Cities 

Ecological Adaptability & Development Harmony with Environment

Urban Safety, health & Environment


8- Development & Sustainable Urban Landscape

Theoretical Fundamentals, Concepts & Definitions of Urban Landscape

Urban Landscape & Sustainability

Urban Landscape Management & Planning

Elements of Urban Landscape

Pathology of Urban Landscape

Domestic & Foreign Experiences in Urban Landscape

Landscape of Iran’s Cities & Islamic Cities

Urban Landscape, Social Issues & Public Memories

Symbols, Signs, Visual Arts & Urban Landscape

Natural Landscape of the City & Modern & Traditional Cities

Urban Landscape of Historical & Damaged Areas

Urban Landscape of New Areas

Regulations & Instructions of Urban Landscape


9- Urban Culture, Sociology & Psychology:

Cultural Interaction & Urban Physics

The Citizen & Citizenship Rights

Environmental Psychology

Culture of Urbanization & Evolution in Urban Spaces

Urban & Native Cultures

Urban Geography & Culture

Urban Development & Culture

Social-Cultural Sustainability in the City

Urban Transportation & Culture

Urban Culture & Management

Urban Landscape, Identity & Culture

Revealing of the Culture in Urban Landscape

The Roll of Cultural Institutionalization in Urbanization


10- Restoration of Monuments & Historical Areas:


Sanitation of Monuments

Urban Renewal

Restoration of Historical Places


11- Risk & Disaster Management & Utilization Alternatives of Disaster Comprehensive Management:

Natural Disasters & Disaster Risk Reduction DRR

Management of Disaster in Health & Treatment Systems

Missed Cases in Disaster Risk Management DRM

Public Participation & Making Position, Climate Changes & Disaster Management Challenges

Solutions & Necessities of Disaster Comprehensive Management System Organizing

The Roll of Data, Information, Techniques, Instruments and “Decision Support” Systems in Incidents’ Intelligence Management

Differences of Disaster Management, Emergency Conditions Management & Reconstruction Management

Enabling Discover, Debris Removal and Rescue Team

Early Warning Systems EWS, Early Evaluating System of Events RES   

Planning, Readiness & Practical Alternatives for Business Continuity BCM

Risk Transfer to Third Party Insurances)

Design & Establishment of Hospital Incident Command System & Hospital Emergency Incident Command System HICS, HEICS


12- Tourism Management & Urban Sustainable Development 

Management of Human Resources in Tourism Industry

Principles of Management in Tourism Industry

Information Systems in Tourism Industry

Management of Comprehensive Quality in Tourism Industry 

National & International Trade & Industry

Tourism Behavioral Analysis & Cultural Interaction

Policy in Tourism Industry

Evaluating Tourism Development Plans

Management of Natural Ecosystems

Tourism Planning in Developing Countries

Strategic Management of Tourism

Tourism Productions Marketing in Urban Development


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