Specialized Fairs of congress 

Nowadays, by ever-increasing development of the knowledge on Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, marketers and consumers know exhibitions as the best method for finding the cheapest and the most reliable methods.

More than twenty million visitors travel to The Thailand annually. About twenty million tourists travel to the Thailand from all over the world which is notable in relation to seventy-million population of this country. In particular, this statistics is growing with remarkable speed. The Bangkok, as the largest city of Thailand, is capital and cultural and economy center of that country. Bangkok is called in the name City of Angles by its visitors from all over the world. This city is one of the biggest cities in the world and one of the liveliest capitals in Asia. There are skyscrapers, luxury Hotels, modern and developed shopping centers and also modern international airports with direct flights from the most Asian capitals, Australia, Canada, Europe and America in Bangkok every day. The city occupies 1500 sqm and has population of approximately 10 million. Therefore, Bangkok and Thailand is recognized as a considerable market for construction, architecture, urbanization and engineering science and welcomes many services in the field of engineering and humanities from all over the world. In this way, peoples and companies around the world related to the field and industry of engineering focus on Bangkok profitable market.

Specialized Exhibition of the 7th.International Conference on Researches in Science & Engineering & 4th.International Congress on Civil, Architecture and Urbanism in Asia undertake to provide a suitable occasion for participants, organizations and companies of the country till they can recognize the available opportunities in market and also peoples seeking for services can find the best, the most appropriate provider and contact with him.

It is to invite interested peoples in Bangkok-Thailand profitable market, to attend in this specialized exhibition and International Conference.

Describing the services of fairs

•  Allocating booth with space frame
•  Lightening
•  Putting name and details of company in book and conference site
•  Allocating three invitation card for visiting fair to each booth
•  Granting letter of appreciation by president of conference to participants
•  Issuing a free card of attending in conference and fair
•  Full pack of conference for two persons
•  Lodgment of information and answering unit in entry of main gate of conference and fair
•  Standard booth for fair

•  Placing and choosing booth is possible upon temporal priority in registration and concluding contract.
•  Announcing readiness for partnership will be considered as irrevocable only after paying all costs
•  Time for terminating booth arrangement will be one day before fair opening
•  Time of removing booth will be one day after fair

Visitor groups

It is expected that this gathering attracts more than 2500 participants and visitors. Meanwhile, specialized and involved ones in engineering, sciences, humanities and social sciencesof bangkok, Iran and world will be the other visitors of this gathering so seek establishing national and international cooperation in these areas.
Available opportunities for participants

Specialized fair of 7th.International Conference on Researches in Science & Engineering & 4th.International Congress on Civil, Architecture and Urbanism in Asia is a special opportunity for participants to:

1- Show their latest achievements to domestic and foreign specialist.
2- Have face to face cooperation and interaction with professors, experts, directors, learners and other involved and beneficiaries in engineering sciences, humanities and social sciences
3- Connect as a member of wide network of engineering sciences, humanities and social sciencesin world with other members
4- Benefit the experiences and achievements of other organizations and international professors.
5- Absorb Iranian and foreign connectors and customers and establish connection with them
6- Assist in increasing and strengthening the spirit of employees, customers and technical society.
7- Exchange information, achievements and applied researches in technical, manufacturing and commercial areas
8- Gather comprehensive information from similar products and identify competitors and do healthy competition in his industry.
9- Quicken the process of measuring foreign markets and using opportunities of market development.
10- Succeed in better recognizing the tendencies of customers and use them in serving future upon establishing opportunity for customers to provide their problems and receive solutions.
11- Show or visit the unmovable equipment at different sectors of this industry.
12- Take action for reducing marketing costs, domestic and foreign advertisements and increasing its benefits.
13- Provide ground for practical negotiation with potential buyers.
14- Have opportunity for providing their services and products in international level.
15- Be aware of latest progresses in engineering sciences, humanities and social sciencesall over Turkey and world
16- Be familiar with hundreds of representative, employer, organization in short time
17- Find a place for exchanging their ideas and opinions in international level
18- Provide their marketing services to desired audiences
19- Be familiar with best owners of specialty and skills, decision-makers, pioneers and related institutes in Turkey and world
20- Conclude cooperation contract with related ones in -engineering sciences, humanities and social sciences
21- Have possibility of establishing connection and meeting with new middlemen
22- Have better understanding on the requirements and expectations of market consumers.
23- Benefit available space for more development of services and increasing the specialty of participants.
24- Find new space for public awareness and providing brochures and catalogues related to services and products of participants.  
25- Fix brand on participants in employers’ mind
26- Establish direct connect with engineers who seek better and more secure ways for their requirements.
27- Have better understanding of available space for improving the work strategies of domestic and foreign participants.

Conditions of supporting and partnership in conference are stipulated in menu of supporting and partnership in conference apart from side fair.


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